5 Best Bets to Make During the NFL Postseason in 2022

As the NFL playoffs begin in earnest, it’s time to start placing your bets. While you’ve probably been betting on every single game all season, it’s time to make some more. Here are five of the best judi bola to make this postseason. We’ll start with the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, and Los Angeles Chargers. Each of these teams has the potential to win the Super Bowl, and we’ll discuss each team’s odds of winning.

  • Cincinnati Bengals

If you’re betting on a Super Bowl contender, look no further than the Bengals. They’ve proven they’re legit in the regular season and playoffs, and the connection between quarterback Joe Burrow and running back Ja’Marr Chase is outstanding. The Bengals’ offense also boasts an upgraded offensive line and a good receiving corps. The Bengals’ defense, meanwhile, is just average.

The Bengals could be one of the most interesting teams in the postseason in 2022. They were in the playoffs last season, but the offseason bolstered their roster and arguably improved their chances. The offensive line was not a strength for the Bengals in 2021-22, but they’ve made strides since then. With the right personnel and a new offensive line, the Bengals could be in the playoffs.

  • Denver Broncos

The Buffalo Bills are the favorite to win the Super Bowl in 2022. With elite quarterback Josh Allen and a new coach, Sean McDermott has transformed the Bills into one of the NFL’s top teams. Last season, they didn’t even make the AFC Championship Game, but now they are considered a Super Bowl contender. Here are five bets to make during the NFL Postseason in 2022.

  • Indianapolis Colts

If you’re looking to place an NFL bet on Sunday’s divisional round, consider the Eagles. After a strong rookie season, they’ll likely add an explosive wide receiver, A.J. Brown. They’ll also have the young running back Jonathan Taylor. His 1,811 rushing yards and 20 touchdowns last season should make them an interesting play. They are also an excellent parlay pick, with the Eagles’ defense working together to create a high-powered offense.

  • Los Angeles Chargers

If you are looking to make a bet during the NFL Playoffs in 2022, the Chargers should be a prime contender. While they missed the playoffs last season, they have improved their roster over the past year and have added A.J. Brown, the league’s top wide receiver. Brown will pair up with DeVonta Smith, who had a strong rookie season. With A.J. Brown leading the way, the Eagles’ offense should be able to get going again.

  • Philadelphia Eagles

In my postseason projections, the Colts are the best bet to make the playoffs in 2022. It is believed Indianapolis is a much better team than the Titans, but they are also not guaranteed to make the postseason. The AFC West features four teams with solid chances, and I would place my money on Denver. The Titans have had a poor draft class and will need a huge trade to improve.

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