A Little Bit Of Carpentry And A Great Poker Table

If you are a poker fanatic and are fond of hosting home poker games among your buddies, you may find yourself longing for your very own poker table or playing poker online at https://98bola.id. However you may like playing poker though, you may not be willing to spend so much to purchase any of the commercially sold tables in the market. To get your own poker table, you may need to do it yourself.

Get Busy on the Drawing Board

The first step to building your poker table is by designing it. Would you like an elliptical table, an octagonal table, or a perfectly round table? The shape of your poker table would depend on how many players youd like it to accommodate. An octagonal table can seat a maximum of eight players. A round table, if made big enough, can accommodate ten players. An elliptical table, if made long enough, can accommodate ten players, too.

After picking your design, then you have to decide if you want a full stand-alone poker table or something that you can set on top of your dining table when the players come. The former requires a permanent space in your den, while the latter can be stored on its side when you dont need it. The latter is actually the better choice.

For the purposes of this guide, we will choose an elliptical poker tabletop.

  • Buy Your Materials

After you have completed your design, you would need to purchase the materials for your poker table. You will need MDF or medium-density fibreboard for your basic table and plywood for your beer and arm rails. You also need felt to cover the playing area, and foam and vinyl for the arm rails. Do not forget to procure glue, wood screws, staples, lacquer, and wood stain.

  • Build Your Table

Cut the four corners of your basic MDF table first. Use an improvised compass to draw even arcs on your table for the beer rail and the arm rail. Your basic table should have three sections, the inner table where your cards will be placed, an inner beer rail section and an outer arm rail section.

Cut your plywood and proceed to make the outer arm rail. Glue the foam on the plywood, and then place it on top of the MDF table with vinyl spread out on the perimeter. Make sure that the vinyl will cover the foam-covered plywood entirely and can be pulled out over the whole rail to be stapled underneath the MDF for stability. Add wood screws for support.

Cut your plywood beer rail according to your specifications and give it a coating of wood stain and then clear lacquer to give it more glamour. When dry, put it in place inside the arm rail; sand the edges to fit if necessary. Use wood screws from the tables underside to secure it to your table.

Once thats done, proceed to make your inner table out of plywood. This one should measure exactly the same as the space left on the basic table. Cover it tightly with felt and then secure with staples. After thats accomplished, place it on its designated space on your MDF table and youre done.

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