Basic Strategy Of Blackjack Game – Know about the strategies!!

Blackjack is a very fun game where luck is faced with the skills of the player. In this article, we will explain the basic principles strategy of this games. Remember that the proper use of blackjack strategy can significantly increase your winnings.

The dg casino allows you to prepare the right strategy and win more cash at the online platform. The strategy is bringing more cash and rewards to the gamblers. The implementation of the right skills provides more chances of winning at the site and the experience is a pleasant one for bettors.

Unable to find an experienced blackjack player who will tell you that it is useless to know and follow the basic blackjack strategy: it is a thing that must be studied 3 Strikes Bet blackjack and applied to every blackjack player if you wants to win. When using the following scheme, you can actually reduce the chances of the dealer to win, or at least to reduce the house edge down to 1% or less.

The basic strategy for a rigid (hard) hand

What is a stiff hand, really? It is the hand of two cards, where an ace can not be regarded as 11 points, otherwise it will be too much. In fact, most of the hands, a handed out dealer can be called hard and the main goal of the player is to use them correctly. There are some specific options that the player has to choose if he does not want to lose. So:

  • If your hand is 8 or less points, always do Hit (Hit).
  • If your hand is 9-11 points, then it is better for the Double Down (Double Down).
  • If your hand is 12 points or more, it is better to stand ( Stand) , if the dealer’s up card is weak.

If your hand is 15-16 points, it is better to surrender (SURRENDER) , if the dealer’s up card is an ace or 10. But if you can not give up (this option is not available), then you should do Hit (Hit).

If your hand is 17 or more, please stand (Stand).

The basic strategy for a soft (soft) hands

A soft hand contains an ace card, which can be regarded as 11 without busting. It is called soft because you can not get too much, when ask for another card. When a player makes a Hit (Hit), soft hand may still remain soft (depending on how many points you give to Ace – 1 or 11), or it can be a steady hand. If it gets a firm hand, you have to follow the blackjack strategy for hard hands.

Example: you have on hand Ace + 7 = soft hand of 18 points. You ask for a third card and get 7. Now you have a steady hand of 15 points: 7 + 7 + T (counted as 1 point, otherwise you will move) = 15.

So now your hand is hard, so hard to follow the strategy of hands.

The basic strategy for paired cards

If a player has two cards of the same value (7, 7, or 9 +9 for example), it is proposed to divide normally and playing cards with 2 different hands. These hands are called pair (kings, queens, jacks can also be shared, although some casinos do not allow this option). According to the strategy, all paired cards must be separated, except 5.

There is a small exception for couples 8: According to the strategy, they should always be separated, except when the dealer has an ace. But if the dealer’s card is stronger, it is better to throw a pair of 8.

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