Beyond Blackwater Playing Real Poker First Steps

So the highly addicitve poker games in Red Dead Redemption have left you wanting to play real people, who will react in a more unpredictable way then the AI cowbots in RDR, So how should you go about this?Well you basically have 3 options.

You can:

1) Organise a game amongst your friends – Usually called a home game.

2) Go and play in a local cardroom or casino.

3) Play online. For example- 에볼루션 카지노

I like all of these options, and regularly do all three. They all have unique advantages which I will go through quickly here before writing about each one in more detail in future posts.

( This site is literally a day old.(May 28th 2010) I am going to try and add new articles all the time, in a blog format, so check back regularly and there will be something new each time.)

1) Home Game With Friends.

There is nothing better then getting a few buddies around with some good music, booze and snacks and playing a few hands of Poker. It’s a cheap night even if you lose, and there is always the possibility of you leaving with more cash than you arrived with. It’s also a really fun way to learn the ins and outs of poker, as you can chat about what you did, and why you did it, which isn’t as easy to do in a cardroom or casino.

You can also set the buy in amount, and I have played games with friends where the entire buy in for the whole night was just £2. I’ve also played with friends with a lot more at stake, but they need to be good friends if you are playing with big money. At first you just want to make it fun and affordable for all.

2) Playing in a local cardroom/casino

This is a daunting experience the first time you do it. My first game was only a £10 tournament but my heart was pounding out of my chest the first time I played a hand. Since then I’ve played at cardrooms from New Zealand to Las Vegas and they are usually friendly and accomodating once you get over the inital nerves. Lots of Casinos offer tournaments with low buy-ins for beginners so contact your local cardroom and find out when their cheap tournaments are.

Also there is a craze for Pub or Bar poker. This is a much easier game to get into, plus the play can be terrible. Sometimes the games are free, and you get points towards a league, or there maybe a very small fee. In the UK there is a limit of £10 on the amount you can bet on a single game of poker in a pub.

3) Playing Online

Playing online, against people from all over the world is my usual way of playing. Mostly as I am lazy and I can just turn on my computer, load up a table and start playing. There is also a massive variety of games, limits and sites to play at. I can’t even begin to go into all the different options in such a short article but one of the best sites to learn and practice at is Full Tilt Poker. It’s one of the main poker sites as it accepts US Players legally ( some legal nonsense stops a few sites from accepting US players) and they also have a lot of professional players who play there. ( including Chris ‘ Jesus’ Ferguson, who has the look of Mr Marston, and is famous for turning $0 into $10000, picture above)

The best thing about Full Tilt is that they offer an Academy, run by some of the pro players which is designed to teach amateurs all the tricks of the trade. You also receive awards for completing various challenges ( very similar to Xbox Acheivements) set by the pros.

You don’t have to deposit to play either, they offer various fun play tables where you use play chips, which is great for getting used to the software and how the game plays.


When you step out to shop for a thing there are so many varieties for you to choose. Also, when you search online for anything to shop, they also provide you with lots of options. Same way, when you search for playing poker anywhere online or offline there will be a lot of options popping up but go with the one where you feel comfortable, satisfactory and safe, same way you choose other things.

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