Facts and Tips for an Atlantic City Gambling Getaway

I enjoy traveling to Atlantic City, but it is not Las Vegas of the East Coast just because it has an economy centered on legalized gambling. Here’s some information on having fun and winning in Atlantic City.

Choose a hotel on the boardwalk. Atlantic City is not a particularly nice place outside of gambling facilities, and it’s easier to stay in your happy little tourist bubble if you stay on the boardwalk.

While the beach is right there, and quite lengthy, remember that the amount of sand is quite shallow and quite shell strewn. Atlantic City’s beach is clean, but not pristine, and the ocean is very cold well into the summer. If you’re big on swimming make sure your hotel has a pool as well.

In my own experiences in both Atlantic City and Vegas, I tend to win more in Vegas. I don’t know if there is any statistical validity to this, but I thought I’d warn you.

While the servers that roam the casino floor only tend to offer coffee or soda, you can get free alcoholic drinks from them as well, just ask.

There’s a lot less to do in Atlantic City than in Las Vegas. Come to relax, spend time with your significant other, gamble and hang on the beach. It’s not a busy vacation. It’s a lie in bed and get away from it all vacation.

Buffets are over rated. Never go to a buffet except for dinner, as it’s just not a value otherwise. The best buffet in Atlantic City is in the Wild West Casino next to Caesars, although if you like your steak medium rare, ask for it rare; they tend to over cook.

Atlantic City is a haven for seniors. If you’re not a senior be prepared to be the only youngster there. My traveling companion and I were consistently shocked by this.

If you take the bus to Atlantic City from New York City (and possibly other locations, I’m not sure), you can get cash back at the casino, such that the bus comes out to only about $10 RT per person, which with current gas prices can be quite a savings.

In Atlantic City bars in different casinos serve at different hours. At Caesars we couldn’t find a drink before 1. At the Wild West Casino I was having margaritas at 10am.

In my own non-scientific Atlantic City experience the slot machines on the edge of the casinos tend to pay out the best, but stay away from the progressives. In all my gambling trips Top Cat and Winning Streak have always been the kindest to me.

Don’t bring rolls of dimes and nickels to Atlantic City hoping to get rid of them. Even the dime and nickel slots tend to only take quarters.

Don’t bring singles, the change machines on the casino floors in Atlantic City only take $5s and up. It’s very frustrating.

Only an expert gambler can understand what betting on a high stake is where poker online is a good place for practice and while Atlantic City is no Las Vegas when it comes to casinos, it still has its own merits despite the change machines not taking more than $5.

Have a great time and play sane!

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