How To Avoid Bad Luck When Playing Games And Gambling

Many superstitions revolving around gambling concentrate on building up good luck. If you follow the set superstitions, such as wearing red clothing, you’re more likely to win, or so it is believed. However, not all superstitions are so positive. There are some that will decrease your luck and result in heavy losses.

It’s a good idea to be aware of what these superstitions are so you’re able to avoid them. Here are some of the events that many gamblers truly believe that all players should avoid in order to increase their luck and win big when playing 토토사이트 any other gambling activity online.

Adding Up Your Winnings during Playing

Never take the time to add up how much you have won on the table as this is only going to bring bad luck. Save your counting until the time when you decide to stop playing. This is a superstition that originates from the Chinese and is related to playing at casinos but it has carried over to online gaming as well.

Don’t Wear Black

Although most people imaging casino players as wearing black suits, it is a color that is thought to be unlucky. When you sit down to play on your computer always check out what clothes you have on and get changed if you have a piece of black clothing in your outfit. Change into something red as this is a color that is thought to bring only good luck.

Keep Dogs Away

Many homes have dogs, and we love them to bits, but you don’t want the dog to be watching the screen while you’re picking your lotto numbers or playing a game of poker or roulette. Dogs are thought to bring bad luck if they are close to the table where gambling is taking place and this is transferred to the screen for online gambling.

Black Cats

Black cats are very superstitious in general but they also have an effect on your luck when you’re gambling. If your path was crossed by a black cat while you were returning home it’s best to avoid gambling that night and to try again the following day.

Keep Your Hands Off

Did you know that it is considered to be bad luck if someone touches your shoulders? The Chinese believe this to be extremely bad luck and if your shoulders are touched during a game you are going to lose money. Ask your family and your friends to avoid touching you on the shoulder until you finish playing to avoid bringing bad luck to you. Also, remember not to touch anyone else’s shoulder as it’s not friendly to bring bad luck onto someone else.

If you believe in good and bad luck, these five superstitions are worth paying attention to. If you don’t believe in it you should still be aware of the superstitions so you can be respectful of other players and be careful not to jinx their games.

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