Only Poker Deposit Bonus

The only Poker is one of the major sites on the 바둑이사이트 network. This is a global poker site that accepted players from all over the world including the United States. You will find some of the softest games available online on this site. The huge deposit bonus attracts tons of beginning poker players. If you have even a little bit of knowledge about the game of poker, you should have no problems winning consistently at this site.

You will not only have a huge potential to win at Only Poker, but you will also receive great rewards for playing here. Your first deposit at Only Poker will earn you a 110% Deposit Bonus up to $600. You will also gain access to the very rewarding Gold Card VIP Program when you make your first deposit and begin playing at Only Poker. Make your first deposit today to start earning your free money.

Only Poker Deposit Bonus Clearing Requirements

Your deposit bonus will be placed into a bonus account and released into your account in $10 increments. For every 167 Frequent Player Points that you earn $10 will be released into your account. You will receive Frequent Player Points every time you participate in any real money game at Only Poker. The number of Frequent Player Points that you can earn is listed below:

Ring Games $1 Rake = 1 FPP

Tournaments $1 Fee = 7 FPPs

You will also receive fractional FPPs for rake and fees that are below $1. For example, if you rake $1.50 in a hand then you will receive 1.5 FPPs. Multi-tabling at Only Poker is very easy. The screens are resizable so that you can easily play several games at the same time on the same screen. Playing multiple games at the same time will help you clear your bonus at a much faster rate. You will have 90 days from the time you make your first deposit to clear your bonus. Even casual poker players should have no problem clearing their deposit bonus in this amount of time.

OnlyPoker Gold Chip VIP Rewards Program

All players at Only Poker are valued players. They have developed a Gold Chip VIP Program that is fair for all players. Your frequent player points at Only Poker are converted into Gold Chips. These Gold Chips are very valuable. They can be used to enter exclusive tournaments with huge cash prizes and to enter satellite tournaments to the largest tournaments that the Only Poker has available. You can also use your Gold Chips in the Only Poker Online Store.

The amount of frequent player points required to earn a Gold Chip becomes less and less with each Gold Chip you earn throughout the month. See the chart below for the requirements for earning Gold Chips.

  • First Gold Chip 120 FPP
  • Second Gold Chip 115 FPP
  • Third Gold Chip 105 FPP
  • Fourth Gold Chip 90 FPP
  • Fifth Gold Chip 70 FPP
  • Sixth Gold Chip FREE
  • Seventh Gold Chip 70 FPP

As you can see from the chart above, your sixth Gold Chip will be free. You will be rewarded this sixth Gold Chip when you earn your fifth Gold Chip of the month. You must earn 70 frequent player points for each additional Gold Chip after the sixth Gold Chip you receive throughout the month. Each month you will begin over again. So, you will need to earn 120 FPPs for your first Gold Chip every month and so on. Your Gold Chips never expire. Earn as many as you can to cash in on huge rewards.

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