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5 Smart Gaming Tips for New Gamers

You should know that it might take only 4 to 5 days to become an avid gamer. The world of games is so attractive that you might find it hard to stay away from it, once you re into it. However, when you are a beginner in the world of gaming, you may encounter certain problems while playing the game. Therefore, we have come up with smart tips for you. Implementing these tips will help you to play the game without any hassle. 

5 Smart Tips for Novice Online Gamers

  • Update Your Computer 

The first thing that you need to do is updating your computer so that it can back you up when you play a high resolution game. The configuration of your laptop should support the graphic and content of the game. Otherwise, it can stop at the middle of the game. If you want to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming session, updating your PC is a must. 

  • Exploring is the key

If you want to be an avid gamer, sticking to one game won’t help you. There are tons of games available online. You can explore the games; know about new technologies, gadgets and more if you want to make the most of your gaming experience. 

  • Make Friends 

You can get new friends in the gaming arena. There are many games that require a partner to play. Making new friends will be helpful for you. 

  • Read Gaming Blogs 

To get more relevant and clear insight about various online games, you can read gaming blogs. You will also come to know about new games when you read interesting and informative pieces on online games. 

  • Strong Internet Connection 

Along with your laptop, your internet connection should also be strong. Sluggish internet connection can bring a lot of obstacles when you play the game. Get a good connection to avoid such hassle. 

Start to experience amazing gaming niches today. Good luck! 

Playstation Store, Why the Lack of PS One Classics?

Launching in 1995, the Playstation is home to hundreds of titles, including some instant classics like Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil. It is disheartening that only a small fraction of the library has managed to make their way onto Sony’s digital distribution gaming portal, the Playstation Store. In about 1.5 years of existence, the Playstation Store only has 20 “PS one Classics” titles. So what is the reason behind the slow output of PS one Classics on the Playstation Store? Let’s take a look at a couple of factors.

Lack of Resources

The Playstation Store is part of the Playstation Network. Sony’s online network for the Playstation 3 and PSP is still in the infant stages of development and a work-in-progress. Resources that can be used to put more content, including Ps one Classics, on the Playstation Store are being used up on other projects such as firmware updates, the Playstation Home and redesigning the Playstation Store itself.

Pricing Issues

Out of the 20 “PS one Classics” titles on the Playstation Store, only 2 are published by someone other than Sony. One of them, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, is priced at $9.99 compared to the regular $5.99 pricing. In comparison, Nintendo 64 games are $10 on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console (the equivalent to the Playstation Store). It makes you wonder if third-party companies want more money.

Different Region

The Playstation Store is operated differently on different regions. This is because countries have different laws and licensing agreements. The Playstation Store has three main regions to accommodate to: Europe, Japan and North America. As a result, the content for each region are completely different. While the Japanese Playstation Store has hundreds of PS one Classics, the store in North America only has a couple dozen.

PSP/Playstation 3 Compatibility

Unlike the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console, PS one Classics are designed for two systems. The titles can be played on both a Playstation 3 and PSP. You can even exchange game saves between the two systems so that you can continue the games you started at home while outside. Even though PS one Classics run on an emulator on both systems, they have to be tested for compatibility, which takes a lot of resources.

Focus on Playstation 3 Games

Compared to the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, the sales of Playstation 3 games are lacking. Sony is focusing their efforts on Playstation 3 games and not the games of the pasts and the one more reason is the demand of situs casino online terbaik which has made a huge impact on the sales of them. This explains for the lack of PS one Classics in addition to the removal of Playstation 2 backward compatibility for a cheaper Playstation 3 model. Sony wants gamers to buy the Playstation 3 for next-generation games.

Whatever the reasons may be, Sony is dropping the ball on releasing PS one Classics on the Playstation Store. There may be light at the end of the tunnel, however. Resources are freeing up now that the Playstation Home and the redesigned Playstation Store are close to completion. In addition, several third party titles have been listed on the ESRB, the official ratings website for videogames. PS one Classics on the Playstation Store is still a far cry from its true potential, however.

Hell on Xbox 360: A Review of Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno by Visceral Games for the Xbox 360 was a surprising button-masher I have grown incredibly fond of. I played a mini version of the game on DominoQQ that also thrilled me quite a lot. Tons of multi-combo button kills, over the top cut scenes, solid voice acting, fantastic sounds, music and background ambience and a rather adult but compelling story take this game over the top.

Obviously a game based off the classical literature poem the Divine Comedy by Italian writer Dante Alighieri, could have been a bit of a bore. Thankfully Visceral Games took creative license while interpreting Dante’s famed work and have created a very adult-themed hack and slash game that is worthy of it’s title.

Being an Xbox 360 die-hard player, missing out on gems such as the God of War series for the PlayStation was very disappointing. Just like the next game player in line I want to take part in huge boss battles against characters based on classical literature and mythological lore, but until Dante’s Inferno the choices on Xbox 360 were slim.

Playing Darksiders for the Xbox 360 earlier in the year I was mostly disappointed in the lack of originality or fun the game had to offer, even though it is a rather deep title. Before putting Dante’s Inferno in the disc drive I was a bit apprehensive that this experience would turn out to be another poorly executed God Of War rip-off.

I was pleasantly surprise to find out this is a well done rip-off of God of War, right from the get go the graphical style of this game is amazing! Hands down solid presentation and cut scenes that are both vivid and vicious enough to make a grown man blush, so don’t buy this game for your under 14 year old. Even then you may want to only buy this game if you have an extremely mature teen, as there is both male and female nudity throughout the game. But its hell so what would you expect?

As Dante a crusader of epic proportions you start the game off by defeating death and well, death isn’t happy. As you travel back home from the crusades to Florence, Italy you realize something has gone terribly wrong and the love of your life Beatrice has been murdered. Even more so her soul has been enslaved by Lucifer and her body is being used like a $2 hooker, much to your disgust and dismay.

With no other choice you enter the circles of hell in an attempt to win your lovely Beatrice’s soul back. This is where the fun begins as you begin to scale walls, hack and slash numerous minions from the underworld, and figure out little puzzles as you move forward through hell and a date with Lucifer.

The game has numerous battle combos that are upgradeable as your progress by either collecting unholy souls from slain enemies by executing them or holy souls from slain enemies by Absolving them with one kick ass cross. You can build unholy and holy soul points evenly or specialize in just one, and then you can use the souls to purchase new combo moves that are in two different unlockable categories. I would advise building both up equally as you’ll need all the combo moves you can get.

Along the way you will also find specific ruins and artifacts that you can equip to give Dante more of an edge when destroying the minions of the underworld. I have about 6 hours logged into the game and while there have been a few misplaced puzzle levels and way too many annoying RB button levers to pull; this game is a solid platform button mashing eye-candy treat.

I would definitely say it’s worth a rent and possible a purchase if you really love this genre of games. I can’t say the replay value will add too much more in the long term playability of this game, but they do allow you to keep all of your unlocks if you do decided to replay it after you beat the game.

Overall I give Dante’s Inferno for the Xbox 360 a 4.2 / 5.

  • 4 – Originality
  • 5 – Graphics
  • 5 – Sounds
  • 4.25 – Controls
  • 3.25 – Replay Value
  • 3.75 – Video Game Magic*

*Video Game Magic is the video game’s ability to transport you the player into the game experience – usually the effects this has on the human condition are, severe loss of time management, extreme video game jonesing, and an extended altered state of reality.

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