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Online Blackjack Blackjack Switch

  • The game is always played with 8 decks of cards on judi slot online.
  • Soft 17 is when the dealer must hit.
  • Gamblers play two different hands at the same time, but the bets must be of the same value.
  • The dealer will be allowed to peek for blackjack in case he has an Ace or a 10 card. If he hits blackjack, he will collect all the bets and you will lose. If you hit blackjack at the same time, you will not lose anything, but you will not collect any gains either.
  • When playing this type of game, you will be allowed to switch only the second card on each of your hands. Other combinations are not allowed.
  • Double down applies to any two-card hand.
  • Another split is allowed after four hands.

  • If the dealer hits 22, he will beat your hand of 21 or less. The only exception is when you hit blackjack with only two cards.
  • While the above rules describe how the game is played in Las Vegas, online versions have different rules:
  • Blackjack Switch is played with 6 decks of cards.
  • The dealer is not allowed to peek for blackjack.
  • Only one split is allowed.

Blackjack Switch is a type of blackjack that is thoroughly enjoyed by gamblers, whether they play the game in Las Vegas, in Russian casinos, or online. What makes this game so special is the fact that it will allow you to do a bit of cheating. Practically, you are allowed to play two hands at the same time, and switch cards as you see fit. Rest assured, though; the house has plenty of edges while allowing you to do such a thing. For starters, Blackjack Switch begins just like any other kind of blackjack. After you place a bet – one for each of the two hands you will play – you will be dealt two cards on each game. The cards will be shown face up, while you will only be able to see one card from the dealer’s hand, while the other will be placed with the face down. Now the game gets interesting. You will be able to move cards around between the two hands, in order to maximize your odds of winning. After you make all the arrangements, you can choose the usual hit, double, stand, or split options, depending on each case. Once you stop asking for cards, the dealer will reveal his hand, and you will see if you won or lost. When playing Blackjack Switch, certain rules must be followed: In order to win more at blackjack, you can employ various strategies. In the case of Blackjack Switch, you can appeal to the same rules as you would if you played normal blackjack. However, keep in mind that this version has different rules, such as the fact that a 22 hand, if got by a dealer, will beat your blackjack hand, unless you score it right from the get-go with only two cards. The main attraction of this game remains the ability to switch the cards between them in order to reach better combinations.

Classic Blackjack Tactics by BlackJack Moments

The term “tell” is quite well known to any poker player although on poker sites like www.888poker.com then tells are harder to come by. It is a physical gesture or expression that a player exhibits, typically subconsciously, which is the supposed manifestation of what kind of hand the player holds. There are numerous kinds of tells in poker but what is not quite so common are tells in blackjack. Yet they do exist – blackjack dealer tells in particular. Of course, the first requirement in making use of these tells is the fact that you are playing in an actual blackjack table with a live dealer.

Perhaps the most common dealer tell in blackjack is revealing information about his hole card. If you catch this tell, then you have much better odds at winning in blackjack. So how do you do it? It is vital that you have a keen sense of observation. You probably won’t catch this tell unless you have stayed for quite sometime and observed the dealer.

If a dealer takes some time to determine his hole card, it may be that he has a stiff card – a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. These can be easily confused with an Ace and as such takes the dealer quite some time to read. On the other side of the coin, face cards are much easier to determine. Thus, if the dealer takes only a second to determine his hole card, chances are that he has a face card.

Then again, you cannot really generalize here. Dealers are experts at what they do and they are trained to get rid of tells. Some may have them while others may not. The trick is to observe before you join the table. Then you may catch some weakness that may help you play better.

It is a well known fact that blackjack is one of the most winnable games that casinos have to offer. That is why many people concur with the idea that blackjack is the king of table games. The truth is that over the long run, the house retains the edge in blackjack. Yet with enough patience and the right strategy, this edge can be lessened to a manageable 1% or less, making it the best game for winning. Try some of these practices that you can also us in playing Judi Bola and other poker online games to increase you chance of winning at blackjack when you have a hard total. That is, a hand that does not include an Ace.

  1. Don’t fall for the insurance offer. The moment the dealer turns up an Ace for his first card, he will encourage you to take out insurance. The instinct would be to agree as people may think that there is a high chance of a ten card coming up. However, the truth is that there are more cards in the deck that do not have the 10 value. As such, you would probably be wasting money on the insurance. This is a good move, though, if you have been counting cards and know that there is a high concentration of tens in the deck.
  2. Double down! Don’t do this all the time though. In general, you should double down with a hard total when the dealer has a 3 to 6 and you have a 9, if you have a 10 and the dealer has a 2 to 9, and you have an 11 and the dealer has 2 to 10. Doubling is vital because it allows you to maximise your edge when you have it and is exactly the same as splitting. In situations that give the player an advantage then the player absolutely has to double down and split and make the dealer pay. If they don’t then the house edge is even greater.

Blackjack Double Down- how and when you can double your bet in blackjack

There are many kinds of player decisions that can be made when playing blackjack. Examples are Blackjack double down, hit, stand, split and surrender. These options are made available after the player receives the initial two cards. Each of these options has different hand signals.

What is double down?

Double down is an option, which can only be done after receiving the first two cards. For this option, players are permitted to increase their initial bet by as much as 100% but they should stand after receiving one card. A double down is represented by placing the additional chips beside the initial bet and pointing with one finger. Many casinos allow players to double down on any two cards. This is known as DOA. But some casinos also only allow doubling down after splitting (DAS). Others also only allow players to double down when their hand have a total of ten or eleven. Most of these rules are actually favorable to players.

When to double down?

As mentioned above, doubling down is very favorable to players because they get the chance to win more money. Knowing the mathematics of the game will help many blackjack players know when to double. Blackjack double down has been analyzed by many mathematicians and some computer simulations have been done to determine the best time to use this option. According to experts, it is best to double down when the up card of the dealer is a 4, 5 or 6. This is because the dealer has a high percentage of busting. For instance, based on studies done, when the dealer’s up card is a 6, the dealer’s bust percentage is 42%. Therefore when the dealer’s up card is 7 or higher, do not double down. Players should also double down when they get a 10 or a face card, which is equivalent to 10, because they have a high percentage of winning.

In addition, it is also recommended to double down when you receive an ace plus any numbered card while the dealer has an up card of 3, 4, 5 or 6. This is because the dealer will probably break or draw. The best tips and tricks are available with the 은꼴for increasing the playing experience of the gamblers. The people should be aware about the risks and frauds available at the site. The increase in the bank account will improve the bank balance and boost the morale. The reviews and ratings are checked to get the effective results at the betting and slot machines. 

There are also some specific blackjack double down strategies players can memorize and use to improve their chances of winning. These strategies are based on the hand value they have.

  • Hard 11- Double down when your hand value is hard 11 because you have an approximate 30% chance of winning. The dealer will probably win, only if he/she has a blackjack.
  • 10- Double down also when you have a hand value of 10 because you have a good chance of getting a 20 value hand.
  • Hard 9- This is a good hand so you can still double down. However, when the dealer’s up card is 8, 9, 10 or an ace, think twice before doubling down.
  • Hand value of 8- Do not double down.
  • Hand value higher than 11- Do not double down when you have a hand value higher than 11 because chances are you will bust.

Hand value lower than 8- Do not double down unless you are an experienced player and you think the dealer will bust. Only players who are good at card counting should double down with this kind of hand.

Five Common Mistakes In Blackjack

Many people go to the casino and play without the knowledge of the game. Specifically, in a game of blackjack, there are common mistakes that these people are making. Bad players often have these five characteristics:

Characteristic #1:

Players that do not know the basic strategy of blackjack.

The basic strategy for playing blackjack is no secret; people can learn these strategies from other people, or books. But there are still people who play blackjack that does not know the basic strategy. Only about 25% know, and memorize by heart, basic strategy. Where one’s money at stake, being familiar with the essential dos-and-don’ts, and the ins-and-outs, of the game, is far easier on the pocketbook than relying on their “feelings”. A serious player would be wise to learn all the basic strategy of playing blackjack.

Characteristic #2:

Player tries to beat the casino with the use of betting progression.

This is the most common. Players seem to be fascinated with the betting progression system. The betting progressions system is easy to use; players often make the mistake of believing in winning by predicting that a previous situation can affect a future hand. This is untrue. Blackjack cards are all in random order and no one can predict what card will come out next. Anything is possible, so one could easily lose too many hands in a row to afford to use the progression system, or run into the table limit.

The betting progression is fun for some bettors but it’s a slow and hard way of winning very slowly, and the odds are against it working in the player’s favor.

Characteristic #3:

Players bet more because they feel a win is “due”.

A player bets $5 per hand and then loses 4 or 5 hands in-a-row. The player increases their bet from $5 to $10-or-more since they figure a win must be overdue. It does not follow that if a player loses 4 or 5 straight hands that they will win on the next round. This is a mistaken belief. The hands are completely random and anything can happen.

The result of the last game does not affect the game of the future. If you lose, you lose; if you win, you win. Do not double your bets if you think that you are due to win on the next round. This is a worthless assumption in the game of blackjack.

Characteristic #4:

Players often do not know when to quit.

After winning good money, 90% of players will insist on continuing. Only a relative few have the discipline to “quit with profit”. The desire for more action at the table and greed push these players to keep on playing. Players should know the right time to quit. The player should limit their number of hours playing, and the amount of money that they are willing to bet.

Characteristic #5:

Players believe that blackjack is a game of luck.

If players tend to believe that winning at the game of blackjack is based totally on luck, they won’t bother to learn the basic strategy of the game. Winning a single hand is based on luck. As a successful blackjack player, money management is where the skill comes in, applied over the full range of one’s wins and losses, which includes knowing the best times to “hit”, and when the odds are against “hitting”.


Since the dawn of online gambling, blackjack has made its special place at the heart of the gamblers. This is because they can make a lot of money on it. Along with that, there are other popular games too that are rising in demand. Poker QQ is one of them. you can know everything related to it on the internet before playing the game.

Everything You Ought to Know about Online Gambling

Online gambling is simply known as gambling exclusively in the internet. If you are looking for an alternative from playing inside casinos or sitting down with friends till dawn, then playing online is for you. Today you can find virtual casinos all over the world of the web.

Gambling in the internet is revolutionizing the gambling market by attracting more people into its fold. It is certainly making our lives easier by bringing the fun experience of actual playing in land-based casinos right in front of you inside your living room. And with the introduction of free gambling online, casino players and those who want to polish their skills can get to practice right in the comfort of their homes.

There are so many forms of online gambling today that can be easily accessed in the internet. Get to know them here by so you can make up your mind what game you wish to play and enjoy.

  • Online poker. Texas hold ‘em, razz, seven-card stud, HORSE, name it and the internet has it. In these games, players square off with each other rather than with the “house”, the card room securing its money through “rake” and tournament fees.
  • Online sports betting. Bookmakers, betting exchanges and other spread betting firms present a number of ways to bet thru the internet on sporting event results, where fixed-odds gambling is probably the most popular.
  • Online casinos. These have mushroomed all over the internet; people get to play casino games like roulette, pachinko, blackjack, and so much more. Such games are being played against the “house.”
  • Online bingo. A lot of these bingo rooms offer games in the internet.
  • Online lotteries. Most of these are government-run, and they have the ability to create significant taxable cash flows.
  • Mobile gaming. New developments in mobile devices are becoming good platforms for mainstream gambling thru the internet.

In the world of online gambling, being a newbie or a seasoned pro has purely no effects at all. What matters is being knowledgeable as to where you are playing and wagering money. There are lots of fundamentals frequently overlooked by players which should be adopted and practiced at all times. While playing Pkv Games, everything should be clear in the mind of the players. The wagering of money at the place is done from the budget prepared through the people. The understanding of the terms and basics is necessary to increase the winning chances. In improves the experience of the gamblers.  Here are some of the basics worth discussing: 

  • Preparation is everything. Before committing to any of those online casinos, take time to check them out. Use search engines. Familiarize yourself with the game rules. Every site has a practice mode, exploit it. And decide for yourself ahead in time how much cash will you risk for the game; and stick with it.
  • It’s also important to pace yourself effectively while at it, unless you simply want to burn your bankroll as fast as you can. Calculated betting is still the best, even online.
  • Take a break. Regular breaks between rounds will make you alert at all times; this is gambling with real money, and that can be stressful and tiring.
  • Just stay cool. In these games, prepare yourself to be frustrated; never wager when you are down. You can never think clearly with it.

Probably, the best secret that you can learn so you will win is simply to have fun instead of grinding yourself out on bagging the monster jackpot. Just keep in mind that experience, even lots of it is irrelevant. To neglect such basic attributes is to end up paying dearly for it when online gambling.

Bad Beats Happen in Poker – What are they?

Bad beats happen in poker. Every player remembers his winning hand at the turn of a card is suddenly second best. This guy painful turn of events are etched in our memory and rarely forgot. It is recalled due to a big hand that 4 four kings’ queens lose.

This type of loss is remembered because it is also associated with a very large saucepan. If you watch poker tournament on television or play yourself, you’ve seen this happen more often is mathematically possible. Players who are in a race seems to make a deal with a random miracle, continued his run of luck.

Here are some unusually bad beats I’ve seen in games of Hold’em. Some of these events for me and some I just saw, I’m glad it was not involved. A memorable bad beat was established that three players were all in a tournament. When the hands were exposed, it was revealed that both players had two aces each and the third a pair of nines. Aces are dead to get any help unless you run had four cards of the same color that corresponded to one of its strengths.

The nine had the best opportunity to improve and made the turn to take a further nine. At the turn of a card, the ace is headed south.  For increasing the bank account at Poker QQ site, there should be the information about the bad beats. The permission of cheating is not granted at online website for playing the card games. The weakness should be turned into strength to get the desired results. 

It is possible to love and hate a hand at the same time. I have seen this scenario happen more than once, being on the losing end of it and the winning end of it. The set up of the hand is the player has two suited cards, say king queen. The flop comes three more suited cards making the flush dealt on the flop. The player then has to sweat out the possibility of another suited card coming on the turn or the river. I’ve had this hand beat more than once, and I have played for the winning card to come while holding the appropriate ace. An early flush without the ace is a vulnerable hand, going from winner to loser on the turn of a card

Playing Omaha Hi Low one night in a four eight kill game, I was dealt two eights and an ace deuce. The flop came kings and another eight. So I have a full house on the flop. Another player sitting at the far end of the table and I capture some chaser between us who call the initial bets and then get out of the way. The raises start on my part right away and are even fiercer after an ace is dealt on the turn.

This kept the low chasers in for one more card and gave my fellow raiser at the end of the table a full house, kings over aces. We all called the raises and then waited for the deadly river. Lucky for me it came another eight. The fellow with the kings over could not believe my raises and since we were heads up there was no limit to the number of bets we could put in the pot. He went down to the felt betting and I called or raised all the way. When I turned over the four eights, the look on his face was like someone had punched him in the gut or lower.

By the way, came the four queens, four kings to me in the club officer several years ago. It still hurts, but in the order of things the river has been good to me over the years. If you play long enough, you’ll be on both sides of bad beats, we hope you’ll be on the right side more than the other.

Knowledge about the reputable slot video machines at online casino

CTXM is an online gaming solutions provider that has been supplying its product to licensed operators since 2004. Their extensive range of products currently includes almost every aspect of the online gaming industry and players can now find the CTXM logo in more than 50 reputable online gambling portals.They offer a turnkey solution amongst several other services such as white label solutions, IT consulting, development services and of course iGaming software, making their product one of the most comprehensive currently available.The company has offices in the UK and Luxembourg and their development centres are based in mainland Europe. The online casino software contains a variety of more than 100+ casino games, which also includes fixed odds games. 

Players can experience these games in the instant play mode through most internet web browsers that use Flash™ players or Java™ players.CTXM provide operators with a solid gaming platform, allowing for these third party companies to also integrate their own products and content. CTXM has a superb and dedicated customer support that can be contacted 24/7 and is available in multiple languages. 카지노사이 offers reputable games to the players at online casino. The software of the casino is compatible for the personal computer and android mobile phones of the users. Different languages can be understood at the table and increase the engagement of the gamblers or players. 

Their platform also supports multiple different payment options and accepts most of the major global currencies.As a way of attracting new customers and generating additional revenue, CTXM provides a B2B solution for mini games and betting shops.Players can now participate in frequently run tournaments and compete against the wider gaming community. There are also several games with huge progressive jackpots always available for registered members of online casinos that are powered by CTXM.CTXM’s collection of online video slots continues to grow and despite not having as much of a selection as some of the major slot developers, they have a sufficient arsenal of highly creative video slots that include both the classic and video varieties. 

These range from 3 reeled slots with one winning payline, up to 5 reeled slots with anywhere between 9 and 30 winning paylines.Their slots have various unique themes that never fail to attract a wide range of online casino players and many of these slots have special attributes such as the ‘Mega Wild’ feature and the ‘Gamble’ feature.CTXM games are usually developed with stunning and distinguishable background graphics accompanied by impressive audio and smooth player controls. CTXM video slots are littered with bonus symbols which activate entertaining bonus rounds. Also, players can expect to find Wild symbols that generate additional line wins and Scatter symbols that reward players with free spins rounds, plus the majority of these games have an Autoplay feature.A few notable slots worth looking out for include Mystic Slots, Archipelago and the House of the Dead Reels. 

Players can also look out for the Freaky Wild West 3D slot which also has impressive graphics, or they can play for a progressive jackpot on games such as the Fruit Salad Jackpot Slot or Hot 7’s (both classic slots).Using CTXM software enables the players to launch up to four games at any one time. 

The company continues to inspire and with the introduction of the next generation of 4D slots, players are required to wear 3D glasses to fully benefit from this cutting edge technology and immerse themselves into their favourite CTXM 4D game.Other products now widely available such as their Mobile Casino gives players the chance to enjoy CTXM video pokers, table games, slots and much more through the use of their mobile device. This company is forever expanding and it continues to maintain a solid reputation within the online gaming industry as a leading software provider.

Betting Tips and Bingo Offers And Perfect Place To Play Online Bingo!

Many websites purport to be the best place to play online bingo . Most fail miserably in measuring up to their claims, however. Behind the hype and gaudy visual themes lay hidden agendas and ulterior motives. Invariably, some “catch” poses a cruel catch-22 for serious bingo aficionados.

Having been around the virtual bingo “block” more than a few times myself, I can confidently that 123 Bingo is the best place to play online bingo. Owned by UK-based international gaming giant Emoney Processing, Ltd, the site features the finest interactive software around. US players such as myself are heartily welcomed and wholeheartedly encouraged.

Play Online Bingo Major Attractions

 At the top of the list of reasons why 123Bingo beats its competitors is the huge array of available game formats. Unlike other I have tried to play online bingo at, there was no need to download any software to begin enjoying extended bingo play.

Everywhere else I’ve been to play online bingo that required no download had major offsetting disadvantages such as loss of functionality or limited gaming options.

123 Bingo gave me the best of both worlds in this regard. Not only was I able to play online bingo without having to contend with cumbersome software installs, but there was no difficulty getting in navigating the massive maze of gaming options.

Having settled into the site for a serious session of online bingo, I was thrilled with the social interaction afforded by a chat interface. This feature enabled me to maintain real-time communication with other players. The site even lists a whole range of “chat capable” games to help enhance players’ winning potential.

Upon arriving at the homepage, a beautiful sight greeted my eyes: A conspicuous offer to triple my first deposit. While I found it quite tempting and most generous, I thought there would surely be some snag, snafu, or snare to subsequently entrap me. I finally proceeded further after perusing the Terms & Conditions without finding any contradictory “fine print.”

To my astonishment, 123 Bingo lived up to this promise admirably. In fact, I become so emboldened as to test the waters even further by taking them up on the $25 USD free deposit offer for no-cost trial memberships. Everything went off without a single hitch!

Another extraordinary feature that especially impressed me is around-the-clock customer care for those who play online bingo at the site. You need not pause an ongoing bingo game to get help. Simply click onto another window or tab and begin talking to a help desk representative right away. If you are looking for other games more than just Bingo, there are some websites online that you can go to so you will have an array of options. Judi Bola Online is one of the reliable gambling websites across the Internet.

If this is not your style, put your phone on a “speaker” setting and talk away while continuing to play online bingo all the while. At 123 Bingo, you never have to halt for help.

Increase Your Ability by Playing Casino Hold’em Poker Online

Internet has made a huge development since the day it was found. The development of the internet is also resulted in people’s lifestyle. We cannot live without this technology today. Internet can help us with almost everything in our life. It can support many aspects in our life. It can help us study, give some entertainment when we feel bored, connect with many people whether it is new or old friend, get some items that we want from online stores, and many more.

Most people cannot live without internet today and that is why there are many things that are offered by this little technology called internet. One of the best things that are ever offered by the internet is online games. All gamers must praise this kind of games.

This kind of games allowed you to play the games online so the player will be able to have some interaction with many other players around the world. There are many kinds of online games that you can find from the internet today from arcade, adventure, and role playing games, card games, action games and many more.

One of the most popular online games is poker games. This game is popular since few years ago by the popularity of the game called Texas Hold’em Poker. Many people play this game and because of the popularity there are even some competitions that are held based on this game. It really gives some refreshment for online game players in general.

There is another poker online game that you can play on the internet today. One of them is Casino hold’em poker. Casino Hold’em Poker is a kind of variation of Texas Hold’em poker that has become very popular in these few years. There are several differences between this game and its predecessor. The rules of the game said that your opponent is the house while in other games the opponent is other player (or players) who play with you.

In Monacoaces.com, you can play this Casino hold’em poker and you can learn how to play it as well if you are new in this game. As it is mentioned before, the objective of the game is not to defeat another player but the Dealer or the house. If you want to win this game, you have to defeat the Dealer or you will lose the game. You will play with standard game pack, containing 52 cards without the jokers. In each game, the card shuffling is obvious for the players to make sure there is no cheating in this game.

There are several betting tips for you when you play this game. You can get some tips on selecting the chips, placing, increasing and also removing your bet, removing your chips that have been placed, and more. That will help you increase the quality of your play and you can learn more strategy about the game if you play it more and more often. The rule of the game is basically the same with general poker games.

You can read it more on their website if you want some more explanation about the game but the game is actually very easy to play and you will find no problems to play with this game. If you have experienced with other poker games, you will learn faster and you can still own the game although there is a little bit difference with any games that you have played before. In Monacoaces.com, you can also play another poker games online.

There are several poker games that you can play here besides the Casino hold’em poker. They are Oasis Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, and also the popular Texas Hold’em poker. You can any poker games that you want to play here and you will not feel bored because you can change to any games if you are finish with one game.

With consistent practice at Situs Judi Bola table, there is an enhancement in the ability of the players. The wagering of the amount is done with proper skills to increase the winning chances. The concentration of the players should be on preparation the best approach for poker rooms. 

In Monacoaces.com, you are not only provided with poker games only. You can play another online casino games as well. You can play some other casino games like card games, slots, roulette, poker machines, dice games and also keno games.

Those are the games that you usually find on the local casino and now you can play it online, together with many other players in the world. Whatever your favorite casino game is, you can play it here. Monacoaces.com has a lot of options for you online gamers. They provide you with large and advance games collection that you can play anytime and anywhere. Make sure you read the rules of the game before you play one of it so you will not do some mistakes when you play the games.

It is also advisable to read some articles about casino games from the internet before you play the games if you are newbie on this game. If you are an expert in casino games, you will find a lot of pleasure in playing many games that are provided by this website. They give you tons of game collection so you will not get bored because one you feel bored with one game, you can change and play another games that are provided by them.

Playing online game is very interesting. It is because if we play it online, we can meet with other players who come from another part of the world. We can have some interaction with them. We can learn many things if we play along the game with them or against them. By playing more and more games, we can learn some new strategies on playing the games. We will learn a lot from each of our losing and winning. Find some new experience in casino games by playing it online.

You do not have to go to anywhere now to play your favorite casino games because you can basically play it from anywhere as long as you have the connection to the internet. Get some new experience with the online games and find some pleasure when you play the games together with many other players around the globe.

Party Poker Review – Helpful in easy selection of the poker room!!

Party Poker is licensed by the government of Gibraltar is owned by a UK publicly traded company. They were one of the first online poker rooms and enjoyed huge growth early on in the evolution of online poker. They took a hit to the player numbers with the withdrawal from the US market. What was seen as a negative has been turned around and Party Poker now offer a great place for safe online poker play by non-US players. Good news is this also means many of the tight players are now lurking around the tables. Plenty of action, tournaments, security and great grpahics make Party Poker an easy choice to play online poker.

Party Poker continues to be one of the biggest online poker rooms after holding the title as the biggest for a number of years. Since 2006 when they withdrew from the US market, they have been behind other rooms that stayed open to the US players. With issues surrounding the US facing poker rooms, Party Poker is once again being seen as a safe haven for non-US poker players. By staying out of the US market, they are not at risk of intervention and players have less risk of funds being seized and taking months to recover, if at all.

Fortunately, as they have been playing second fiddle to other poker rooms they have spent time working on the software to provide a better poker playing experience. The graphics are sharp, hand histories are available, plenty of game statistics and all the usual features you would expect from a poker room that has been around as long as Party Poker. There is both a download (Windows only) and no download poker client. The latter being perfect for all users regardless of whether you use a PC or Mac to play poker. The instand play poker version is not as obvious on the website, so just look around for it because it does exist.

For those that enjoy the buzz of playing multiple tables as once, you will love Party Poker. Get going on up to 12 tables at once. Of course this is next to impossible without the ability to resize table and that is also featured. In fact they can probably cater for your preferred style be it tiled, cascaded or even stacked!

Having such a large range of players accumulated over the years (and they do keep coming back), it means action can be found on most tables at any time of the day. Pick from games such as Texas Holdem, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Omaha and Omaha Hi-lo. Whilst there are some long term players, it doesn’t mean there are soft games to be found. In fact there are probably more than at many of the other online poker rooms and thisincludes the small to middle limit games. Check out the tournaments for a good feel of the poker action. Some limitations are provided at the Dominoqq site for placing of the bets at the card game. The information about the card games available should be adequate for the playing in the leagues. The chances of winnings are increased with the following of the limitations at the table. 

Speaking of tournaments, there’s plenty of opportunities amongst the smaller buy-in poker tournaments. Plenty of volume all but guarantees a bit of loose play that you can take advantage of and increase the bank roll. The heavy hitters will stick to the larger buy-in tournaments and qualifiers. There are also freeroll qualifiers for the well known poker events such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) as well as smaller ones.

Party Poker understands that poker players want to spend their time playing at the tables and not dealing with deposit and withdrawal issues. With that understanding they offer the largest list of deposit and withdrawal methods. Many of them are country specific and they are worth using of some of the more international methods. Support is 24/7 and on hand to answer any cashier questions, or others for that matter. They have a good understanding of the usual questions and not so usual. Response is reasonable and most are willing to wait the extra time for an answer they know is correct. So often the quick responses don’t give you the full answer and then the back and forth starts. Not so with the Party Poker support people. Having a global player base also means they offer support in multiple languages.

Party Poker also caters to the loyal player with an easy to follow loyalty program. No fine print to discover down the track, just earn points for your play and see them credited to your account at the end of each session. Players then have the opportunity to turn these points into bonuses and credits. Serious players can be rewarded with a more extensive VIP reward program that offers larger rewards, enhanced service and invites to events.

On the whole, Party Poker has enjoyed a good reputation since opening. They took a bit of a hit when they pulled out of the US market, however, that may be seen as a smart move now. Non-US players can be assured that their funds will not be seized by foreign governments or the like. They are a UK public traded company, with certifications from some of the industry associations, and as such offers a level of security not seen in many other poker rooms. Definitely worth signing up and playing to decide for yourself.

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