Poker Bots Dominating the Tables

A Poker bot, or Poker Robot, was programmed to do all the earning and playing for the programmer, they are hooked up to an Online Poker Site, and makes decisions about the current hand that is being played, and acts accordingly as if you were the one making all the decisions yourself. They seem to be all over the internet and taking over the internet casinos by the storms. Here is a little more information about different types of poker bots. Apparently they come programmed for different types of card games and tables.

The Shaky bots are near out of the box products open the box, tweak a few modifications to your playing preference and than they are on the loose winning you money while you sit back and watch. If you want something that is a little less cookie cutter; you may want to try a third party software program, like Online Poker Inspector, affectionately known as “OPI” among poker bot enthusiasts. The problem with these programs is that the decision-programming is limited to what these 3rd party software programs are capable of, so they are markedly inferior to a bot that was programmed up from scratch by a top player.

If you are one of the few out there who are already programmers, you will be happy with Win Holdem, a platform with a reworking bot which requires C/C++ programming knowledge. This allows you to do some custom work under the hood first. Although this is the more challenging of the options, you will have a great piece of work to put to the test when you are complete, and will have a great product to show off at the tables.

Now this platform would seem complicated for many people out there as the new generation wants to have everything simple without it being rocket science so it is better for them to use JasaQQ online as it is an easier process compared to Win Holdem.

There are different levels of poker bots out there and it seems there are some sites that are a little less than honest or rewarding to go with. Stay away from any site that offers free bots, in exchange for their offers or services. Often times, these are not legitimate sites. And are scam artists. Online you can find several different places to download them and they do not require any programming at all. Entering a little information about the kind of poker bot you are going to use, than you are off, and playing. Or rather, your poker bot is. There are differe programs for each table, and each and every type of poker game out there. Running a search engine on poker robots will give you a better idea of how many people are already taking advantage of this new and upcoming trend. You will not be the only person with a poker bot at your seat.

The purpose of the poker bot is to increase revenue and winnings without you having to physically be sitting at a poker table and playing the hands yourself. It allows you to dominate the power play of the game, and the tables. This has advantages and disadvantages. It is wise, and suggestive that you do plenty of research on any programming you are considering using, and only use trustworthy sites. And play smart.

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