Roulette Virtual Casino Gambling Tips – What are the tips?

Roulette isn’t rocket science, which explains why beginners and recreational casino gamblers tend to be drawn to the roulette table. You have the roulette wheel, that ever so familiar sight in casinos that makes roulette, along with blackjack, one of the most recognizable casino table games.

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Roulette Strategy

Roulette may be the easiest casino game to learn, for which reason strategies have less to do with playing the game and more with managing the bets. For starters, the slew of roulette systems being sold all over land-based casinos is utterly useless. So is any game strategy that involves spotting a winning streak. Systems are based on statistical perimeters while a streak is based on pattern, and none of this works for roulette. To state the obvious: the roulette wheel is completely random. One outcome of the spinning wheel has nothing to do with the last one or the next one. Your desired variable or pattern begins and ends at each landing of the ball.

Roulette Betting Tips

Perhaps the most sensible roulette strategy that can be offered is this: smart money management. That is, manage your bankroll in order to maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

Set a table limit for yourself. It would be wise to follow a loss limit equivalent to your starting bankroll. This way, you stand to lose only as much as your original bet, and are not tempted to shell out more money to return to the session. For example, if you began with $100 in one session and then walked away after losing $100, you can chuck it up to a bad day that did not get worse because you overspent and never got back on track. In addition, you can set a win limit, say, thrice your original bankroll. If you walk away after winning $300, you lower the risk of losing that money once you get caught up in a downswing.

Consider setting a loss limit of zero by pocketing the amount of your starting bet once you’ve won it back. Say your initial bankroll is $100. Once you win $100, keep it and start betting only your winnings from then on. This means whether you are winning or losing, it actually costs you 0 as you will have already pocketed your real investment.

Because every spin of the wheel is random, it would not hurt to spread your bets across the table with each roll. As your chances of winning increase, so do your chances of staying longer. For example, at a $10 minimum table, you can place $2 each on five different bets instead of all $10 on a single wager. If you scatter your money around bets, the odds are better that you extend your bankroll through more sessions.

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