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Untraditional Online Casino Video Poker- Know about them 

Video poker is one of the most popular games at gambling sites today. That’s why online casino video poker can be found at every site without any exceptions. Moreover, today there are many variants of this game such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and so on, which are now widely played. However, several leading software developing companies have gone even further by offering not traditional and fresh versions of video poker game. So let’s see what players can find at several gambling sites, what may make the process of gambling less monotonous and more exciting.

Instead of going to the land-based casinos, you can prefer playing Pkv games on the online site. It will offer more entertainment and fun to the players. The gathering of the information about the traditional and online games is essential for the players. 

First of all, let’s start with Playtech software developing company. It offers the game called 2 Way Royal which is based on video poker. Though it is not usual, it has only slight differences with traditional game at online casinos. The difference is that it offers two different variants of Royal Flush combination. The first is called Hi Royal Flush and it consists of five cards from Ten to Ace of the same suit. The second variant is Lo Royal Flush and it includes the cards from two to six of the same suit. The payout remains the same in both cases, but the chance, though it is still astronomically small, increases. This is a variant of video poker from Playtech.

Cryptologic followed the example and also introduced a whole range of new video poker variants which go along with traditional ones. They are called Bonus Video poker. When you play usual video poker, the cards replaced from a hand will never return back in the game. They are not placed back to the deck, what gives a certain advantage for a gambler. In bonus video poker all these cards are returned to the deck and may appear at the screen again. Certainly, it takes down the winning odds of gamblers significantly. However, such a disadvantage is compensated. When the same cards appear again, a player receives a bonus. It is a certain percent from the total amount wagered. This percent varies from 15% to 21%.

Microgaming is one more software developing company which introduced a fresh variant of video poker. It is called Level Up Poker and is really interesting to play. At this case a gambler places four equal bets for four hands, but he or she doesn’t play all four hands at once. At the beginning the first card is dealt, and only if there is a winning combination, a player goes to the next level. And if the winning combination occurs again, the sum of a win is doubled. At the third level it is increased at 4 times and at the fourth at 8 times. If a player loses, he can collect his wins or risk playing a double game.

However, the most fresh version of online casino video poker is offered by Real Time Gaming Company. It is based not on draw poker, but on stud one and is called 7 Stud Poker. A player receives seven cards and he can make the highest combination of five ones. The point is that at the beginning only two cards are dealt faced up, while the others remain face down. A player makes the choice either to double or to quit the game. If the game continues, then the third card opens up, and a player faces the same choice. Then the fourth card reveals and then after a similar choice all seven cards open up.

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